3 First Time Tips When Joining Trade Shows

Whether you’re a new brand looking for new customers or an underdog product looking for a big break, joining trade shows can be the most exciting marketing activity your company can do. Businesses are not shy to spend on custom exhibition stands, fancy videos, and crazy gimmicks just to catch attention. Eventseye data shows that there are over 180 trade shows booked in Australia for 2020-2021 and 53 of them are in Sydney. This only means that trade shows are very popular down under and can be very competitive! So first-timers, here are some helpful tips that can make you the center of attention in a trade show.

Study the venue well

The very first thing your marketing team should know well when joining a trade fair is the venue map. Location is a very important strategy when setting up your booth. Usually, key sponsors and big companies get the prime spots in a trade fair. The smaller businesses and those on lower-tier budgets are usually given less desired lots like those furthest from the main entrance. If you’re on the latter, don’t feel discouraged because there are ways around it. Have your marketing team study the map and find key spots where you can set up signs or a custom exhibition stand (aside from your main one) that will help attendees find your booth. You can also highlight your location on the venue map and share it on social media!

Know what your market wants

Many businesses join trade shows expecting that merely joining will already result in better sales. This will work if you’re already a popular brand. But if you’re not in the Forbes 100, a lot of planning and strategy must be done especially in knowing if your target market will be there and what they want. Off the bat, this information is usually available from the organizer. The next thing you want to do is to find the perfect “carrot” to match your exhibition display. Attendees will visit you if you have something to offer that they want. It can be freebies, coupons, a raffle, free taste, or something that will help connect your brand to them.

Customize your space

Don’t expect trade show organizers to serve everything you want and need on a silver platter! In events like these, you’re often offered with the basics, a standard-sized booth, side and back panels, and a foldable chair. This is where creativity kicks in. Space somehow matters in trade shows but what’s more important is what you put in it. Getting a bigger space means putting more things to display. Smaller space means you can save on expenses. Either way, you must prioritize the interior design of it. Think of it as a pop-up store. Your brand or product should resonate with your space. You can achieve this through custom exhibition stands. There are design groups in Sydney that can set this up for you and this can be a real game-changer for first-time exhibitors.

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