3 Mistakes That Prevent You From Having Your Dream Wedding Shoot

More than 100,000 couples get married in Australia every year but for these people, it’s one moment truly worth remembering. And what better way to capture this celebrated milestone with wedding filmmakers in Sydney who have built a strong reputation among newlyweds. In fact, in the 2018 Easy Weddings Survey, out of 99 percent of couples who would have a photographer in their wedding, 91 percent hired a professional photographer. The other 8 percent chose a friend or family member. The customer happiness rating for photographers is 5 out of 5 perfect scores. 

It’s no surprise that wedding photographers have found a very profitable and sustainable niche in this business. A wedding will never be complete without amazing wedding cinematography. You can have a fancy reception, a great ceremony, an elaborately dressed entourage, and a stunning wedding gown. But without the wonderful videos and photos, all of these will just be a mere story to tell. Yes, dream weddings can fail without them. So here are some mistakes to avoid so you can have an amazing wedding shoot.

Not paying attention to cinematography

Planning the wedding shoot can be one of the most nerve-wracking events organizing experiences couples do. So much so that they put 100 percent of their trust in wedding filmmakers in Sydney who can handle this professionally. However, make sure to pay attention to their cinematography style because it’s how a shot is composed that will make the most difference. Check their portfolio of work and study their use of light, depth, and the types of shots they’re good at. At the end of the day, it should match your expectations.

Getting amateur documenters

If the 8 percent of survey responders got a friend or family member and they have no professional experience in photography and videography, your wedding might be the next Australia’s Funniest Video. While nostalgic and funny, those VHS wedding videos are a thing of the past. There are professional wedding filmmakers in Sydney that you can hire so you can enjoy the benefits of a well-executed wedding video and even turn it into a family heirloom to be admired by future generations.

Relying on everything on technology

The biggest mistake of all is to think that technology will give you fantastic wedding photos and videos. It’s actually a half-truth because while technology can help produce stunning images and videos, if the user is not proficient in using the technology, then it’s not worth it. Some wedding cinematographers still actually use film photography and they can out beat any modern camera especially when the photographer is highly skilled. Just remember that you’re not hiring equipment but real people who can help make your special day even more special.

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