3 Reasons Why Sydney’s Suburbs are Still Sought After

The COVID-19 Pandemic hay has put a major halt to people traveling or migrating between countries but Sydney remains to be a major migration hub for many individuals and families especially the suburbs. You can ask any real estate agent in Seven Hills or Blacktown or Fairfield, and they will say that a lot of migrants have found a new and safe space for themselves in these areas.

While internal migration has increased significantly out of Sydney as reported by Id.com.au, the beloved city down under still remains a key location for overseas migration along with Melbourne. “Sydney shows a large loss – about 25,000 people more moved to other areas of Australia than moved to Sydney. Brisbane is the other area on this chart which shows a strong gain, and some of those Sydney migrants are moving to Brisbane,” the report adds.

Still, rental properties remain in demand, backed by years of strong migration influxes. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shares that there were over 7.5 million migrants living in Australia in 2019 alone. And despite the pandemic, here are reasons why many still consider moving into Sydney’s suburbs particularly Seven Hills.

Lot size

Obviously, suburbs have a major advantage versus CBD properties when it comes to price point and lot size. Any real estate agent in Seven Hills will tell you that the lots they sell are larger than in some properties closer to the city. Living in the central business hub of Sydney will usually get your small living space for a hefty price tag. It might be suitable for a single person or a couple, but not for families or retirees.

Ease of travel

It’s a misconception that living in suburbs makes it harder to get to work. For a highly developed city like Sydney, suburbs enjoy the best and most efficient public transport services and motorways compared to many other countries around the world. If you consult a real estate agent in Seven Hills, he or she can easily identify to you the nearest train station, motorway, bus stations, and more as Seven Hills sits right smack in the center of various intersections and major thoroughfares.

Accessibility and convenience

As said earlier, Seven Hills is a well-connected suburb: To the left is the city of Blacktown, Lalor Park, and Kings Langley, to the east, is Toongabbie and Girraween, while to the south is Prospect. This means you have easy access to countless shops, stores, groceries, and leisure centers situated within Seven Hills and in those in surrounding towns. A real estate agent in Kings Langley will also share with you the same observation as this whole area of interlocked suburbs is generally convenient for many families.

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