3 Ways to be the Best Dog Trainer for Your Pet

Are you one of many dog owners in Sydney wondering how to train your dog? Hiring the best dog trainer in Sydney seems to be the most obvious solution. But actually, it’s just one of the many ways to train dogs. Australians know this because the country loves pets. According to a 2019 national survey conducted by Animal Medicines Australia, close to 29 million pets are owned by Australians. Three in five households own a pet and almost all Australians had a pet at one point in their lives.

Most of Australia’s pets are dogs. 39 percent to be exact. They’re followed by cats at 27 percent and fish at 11 percent. Why dogs? Reasons vary but it’s also because dogs are quite smart animals. Research reported by the American Psychological Association in 2009 claimed that a dog’s intelligence is at par with a 2-year-old human. “They can also understand more than 150 words and intentionally deceive other dogs and people to get treats,” said researcher Stanley Coren Ph.D. of the University of British Columbia.  It’s no wonder people invest in dog agility training in Sydney. But without any external support, can pet owners train dogs themselves? The answer is yes and here are some tips to try out.

Play with your dog

Playtime is the best time to understand your dog’s personality, behavior, and interests. The best dog trainer in Sydney offers a lot of physical training to their dogs much like playtime. It’s during this activity that you get to know more about your dog. Just like getting to know people, quality time is needed before you can even teach a dog to obey you.

Enroll them in obedience classes

Once you’ve gotten to know your dog well, enrolling your pet in K9 obedience training is the logical next step. When you enroll your dog, trainers will ask questions about you, your pet, and your relationship. While schools like this will teach them tricks and obedience commands, you also have a role to play. Your attention and affection will matter a lot. 

Establish your routines

During and after training, you also need to follow up on what they learned at home. Like a parent, you need to follow through and establish routines so your dog can practice the things they learned. In truth, while K9 obedience classes teach them the skills and techniques, it is you who will be the best dog trainer in Sydney for your own pet.

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