A Couple of Things to Remember Before Buying Diamond Rings

So you’ve finally reached the point in your relationship where you plan to live together for the rest of your lives. To finalize everything into stone, you may be planning to purchase a pear-shaped diamond ring. Once you reach the shop or browse an online catalogue, though, you find yourself visually distracted by dozens of choices available for you, each with its own unique diamond cut, colour, rarity, and price. 

This is a scene that many find themselves in, causing them to be confused when purchasing. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up leaving the shop with a ring that you regret purchasing. To avoid this, it is best to plan ahead to ensure that you will find the best one for you among all the diamond wedding rings presented. 

When picking one, you must remember the 4Cs. First, this includes the cut of the ring which includes the qualities of its angles which is important for aesthetic value, the facets which are its flat surfaces, and the additional details added to its finishing. This also includes its shape. For this, a pear-shaped diamond ring is an easy choice for many.

Next is the colour of the diamond ring which some see as a symbolism of the value that the couple values the most. Some see rose as a symbol of passion, blue as a symbol of trust, white as a symbol of purity, a pink diamond ring as a sign of youthful affection, and more. Of course, it is also important to ensure that its wearer’s skin tone matches the colour and it goes well with their usual clothing styles. A simple touch of accessories can greatly elevate their outfits. 

Another factor to consider is the clarity of the ring. This pertains to the number of blemishes that can be seen in the diamond. Those with more purity are priced higher. Usually, however, this is usually received from how the diamond became solid and how it was mined. This shouldn’t be such a big deal in case you are on a budget. 

Finally, the carat of the diamond which pertains to its weight may also be important for those looking for more value. After all, it can also be sold later on, and investing early can give you more in the future. In case you want to find a compromise between carat, aesthetic, and price, we recommend a pear-shaped diamond ring that can be adorned with many finishes to make up for smaller pieces of diamond. 

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