Got a Kitchen Renovation Project? Here are 6 Ways to Stick to Your Budget

Your kitchen is a special place. If you’re planning to undertake a kitchen renovation project, know that things can be quite costly to handle if you don’t have a budget plan.

In this article, we’ve compiled six tried-and-tested tips on how to successfully helm your kitchen renovation endeavor while sticking to your budget.

Have a clear picture of what you want and stick to it. Any kitchen renovation project — no matter how simple or grand the scale is — starts with a vision and a clear one at that. Do you want to create a farmhouse style kitchen or a more contemporary-looking one? Settle what you want and don’t deviate from it once the renovation starts to avoid expensive redos.

Determine your renovation priorities. Depending on your vision, you will have to prioritize things. If you’re doing your renovation in order to cater your blossoming love for baking, you should allocate a bigger chunk of your budget for it. Identify your “non-negotiables” and those you can let go of when you need to cut down on expenses.

Know your budget limit and create a budget tracker. Set a realistic budget and allocate them appropriately — based on the bullet above. It will also be helpful to create a spreadsheet to help you track how you’re faring when it comes to spending your budget. Before commencing the renovation, you should also have explored your financing options — do you have enough money for it or do you need to borrow personal or home equity loans?

Set aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenditures. Do not expect things to always go your way, including when it comes to building the kitchen of your dreams. Experts advise you to set aside 15 to 20% of your budget for emergency expenses.

Check out what can still be reused. Even a simple kitchen design can still look luxurious depending on the fixtures and decorations you will add. And for this one, you don’t need to splurge on costly and new stuff. Oftentimes, the items you need are already in your old kitchen — they only need some refurbishing and makeovers.

Partner up with a team of dependable kitchen experts. The success of renovating your kitchen in a cost-effective manner hugely relies on the people you’re working with — from the designer to the contractor to the kitchen company where you’ll be getting your appliances. They have the skills, the experience, and the access to a network of other kitchen experts who can help you unlock your kitchen dreams without breaking the bank.


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