Selecting the Perfect Sharpening Knife for Professionals Like You

Although a bit ironic, a professional knife sharpener is required to make a knife much safer to use. It is mostly because sharper knives are less likely to slip when used. As a professional, you’re always on the go, and your knives are also suffering from dulling most of the time. In these cases, a trustworthy sharpener should always be ready.

If this is your first time looking into this equipment, worry not as we got you covered. Here’s a perfect professional’s guide to selecting the perfect sharpening knife for your work.

Manual Sharpeners

You might have used one before, but manual sharpeners have come a long way, thanks to technology. A manual professional knife sharpener serves the same purpose but is more durable and stylish than before. The premise is simple; you do all the work by pulling and applying pressure on one side and doing it again on the other. Do this carefully and precisely, and you’ll have your knife sharpened in no time.

This type is the cheapest, so consider this if you’re tight on budget. There are, however, a lot more complicated ones that are obviously a lot more expensive, like the TSprof knife sharpener, which greatly improves the experience and also increases the quality of the output.

Electric Sharpeners

If you don’t like our example, the TSprof 03, you might fancy electric sharpeners instead, which take most of the work from you. They mostly come with motors and are often known as spinning discs which will still require you to have some sort of participation. The great thing about this is that you have full control over the intensity of your sharpening, depending on how you’ll use your knife. That said, freedom and laziness is definitely the reason why you would be buying this; let’s just be honest.

Honing Rods

Another professional knife sharpener you can look into is honing rods. They might be similar to manual ones, but they have their own identity, so it’s worth allocating its own section. Honing rods are made of a rougher and more aggressive material which will remove some surface of your knives. You may also use tapered ones if you’re eyeing to sharpen serrated equipment, just in case.

If you’re having a hard time determining whether or not your knives need sharpening, just use the tomato method. A sharp and capable knife would easily cut through a tomato just by pulling it slowly, even if there’s no pressure applied on the knife itself. Choosing a professional sharpener is more like a responsibility, so we hope that this guide helped you in some way.

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