Types of Best Priced Solar Panels in Adelaide

The type of solar panel you will install in your household can significantly affect the cost and potential power generation. That’s why it’s only essential that you pay close attention to choosing what type you would have installed. The best price solar panels in Adelaide come in different shapes and sizes, and in this article, we will be focusing more on their types and how they differ from each other and explore what’s the best and to help you decide what to consider.

There are three primary types of solar systems in Adelaide, and while there are more that appear as time passes, these three types are the most trusted and proven ways to save energy while also helping the environment.


Monocrystalline Adelaide solar panels are perhaps the oldest type of them all. It is made up of pure silicon, which is why it mostly appears to be black. The colour effect happens because of the interaction of pure silicon with sunlight.

On one hand, panels are made up of many cells and are spaced evenly for aesthetic purposes and avoid complications to each cell. For beginners, the monocrystalline is recommended as it is already established and also, many service providers are installing them, so you won’t have a hard time looking for someone to install it. 


Some of the best price solar panels in Adelaide are polycrystalline. This one works just like the type mentioned above, but the way it is assembled and the materials used made it different.

Moreover, it is also relatively newer and much more developed, and more unique manufacturers are making many improvements as time passes. 

Instead of pure silicon, the polycrystalline is made of crystals resulting from melting several materials together. Still, it is made out of silicon, which is also why it appears to be mostly dark, but in this case, it is slightly bluer. 


The best price solar panels in Adelaide also include the thin-film type, although only a couple of manufacturers have made it so that they are affordable. 

Thin-film can be made from different materials such as cadmium telluride and amorphous silicon.

Because it’s a recent development, it is far more advanced than what we have listed earlier. However, prices can be very high because of demand and also because of how it’s made.

In conclusion, Polycrystalline is your best bet if you’re looking for an affordable performing type.

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