3 Things We Overlook That Cause Shower Leaks

Water is a precious resource in Australia. Prolonged droughts force residents to plan their consumption, reuse gray water, and collect rainfall. Part of this conservation effort is to ensure there are no water leaks in the house (so a shower DIY kit can come in handy.) According to Sydney’s Water Conservation Report for 2018-2019, total water use has reached 300 liters per person per day. Despite the increasing population, the consumption overall remains quite manageable. But leakage has increased as well accelerated by extended periods of hot and dry weather.

There are many ways on how to fix leaking showers: there are YouTube tutorials, plumbers, and repair kits. But before we even get to the fixing, we have to understand what causes shower leaks and how do we prevent them? Here are some of the things we must stop overlooking when it comes to taking care of our showers.

Loose valves and clogged pipes

Brand new showers rarely experience this but for those who are living in homes with showers in existence for more than 5 years, this must not be overlooked. The Law of Diminishing Returns will tell us that some things just really wear out over time. Showers are no exception to this. Depending on usage, shower valves will start to loosen up and water pipes can start to clog in just a couple of years. The leaks are quite obvious, especially at the showerhead. If there’s no major damage, then a shower DIY kit may be enough to fix the job. 

Busted pipes

One major cause of shower leaks is busted pipes behind shower walls. There’s no one reason why water pipes bust. Some are plain faulty while some are caused by extraneous circumstances like major earthquakes. They cannot be easily detected and sometimes you will just notice it once you receive a water bill that shows a spike in consumption. These kinds of problems are quite major and may require the assistance of a plumber in order to fix the shower leak in the walls.

Bad construction

Interior makeovers and poor construction planning can also be a cause of shower leaks. Some fail to apply the grout to shower tiles and in some cases, nails are accidentally hammered on the shower pipes resulting in terrible leaks. Poor choice of shower equipment and fittings can cause leaks as well especially in brand new or renovated houses. It is important to double-check your plans before executing and it would not hurt to purchase a shower DIY kit and store it under your bathroom counter just in case you’ll need it.

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